•454• Fantasy Fairie - SSD

  • !SSD ~ Frills ~ Temptress Swag (Silver / Ruby)
All-Original Mesh (non-rigged) jewelry sets
Each set includes Circlet, Belt, Earrings and Nip Covers 
(Modesty Shields and Lola Tango settings included)
All SSD jewelry features our low-lag custom resize scripts

  • !SSD ~ Fantasy ~ Drakyn Pet (Black)

Animated dragons with movement and sound options.
Wake and Sleep modes
Breathes fire, smoke, or opal mist
No-Modify / Copy / No-Transfer

  • !SSD ~ Fantasy ~ Gumdrop Trees

All-Original Mesh
Fantasy tree set in five different variations
Mod/Copy/No Trans

  • !SSD ~ Fantasy ~ Lolly Flowers

All-Original Mesh
Lollipop Flowers in three different shape variations
Sold as stand-alone peppermint vertigo or deluxe set with texture pack
Mod/Copy/No Trans

  • !SSD ~ Fantasy Pedestal Princess Bird Cage (Decor)

All-Original Mesh
Decor bird cage in four different varieties
Mod/Copy/No Trans

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